The Artist

 Aart-Jan Moerman creates wonderful white abstract paintings in the style of the Dutch Zero Group



 Aart-Jan  Moerman is a Dutch artist


Dutch abstract artist A.J. Moerman ( 1957) is specialized in white embossed paper art.

He sells modern minimalist white paper art in 3d in repetitive patterns. In the style of the Zero Group of the sixties.

Architecture and modern design  are his main inspiration.

Nowadays he designs his own unique patterns that he discovers on his journeys everywhere around the world. He loves geometrical patterns and always carries a scetchbook with him. Later on he transforms the scetches and ideas into a 3d paper model frame.

It is a lot more time consuming than creating a regular painting.

But so rewarding because of the light. It provides depth and ever changing shadows as the day goes by and the light changes.

It'll make a fascinating piece of art on your wall!


How do I work ?

I make my own designs. At first I make a drawing how to angle the squares, tilted to the right or the left, upside or down, or at an angle. For me it is a magical playground with endless possibilities.
It is here that I create my own AJ Art Style. 
Then I install the actual 3D scale model on a wooden frame and start building the designed pattern with high quality cardboard. Upon that multiple layers of papier-mache.
The last phase is the most exciting and revealing one. Will the result be as I had imagined?
Like a child full of expectations I whiten the squares and finally can admire the result.

white abstract and figurative paintings